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How to Change the Chart Style in Excel

When creating a chart in Excel, you will often want to change the style of chart you are using to more effectively display the information you are presenting. Excel offers a variety of chart styles for you to use. This tutorial will teach you how to change the style of the chart you are using in Excel.

Step 1: Click on a blank area of the chart

Use the cursor to click on a blank area on your chart. Make sure to click on a blank area in the chart. The border around the entire chart will become highlighted. Once you see the border appear around the chart, then you know it is ready to be changed.

Step 1: Click on a blank area of the chart

Step 2: Select the Chart Design tab

After you have selected your chart, the Chart Design tab will appear on the ribbon. This tab will only appear when a chart is selected. Options included in this tab are Chart Layouts, Chart Styles, Data, Style and Location.

Step 2: Select the Chart Design tab

Step 3: Select a Style from the Chart Styles section on the Design Tab

You can now see the available styles for the chart type you have selected. Mouse over the different chart styles to see a preview of how your chart with look with that particular style.

Step 3: Click the Change Chart Style Button

Once you identify the style you want, click on the button for that style and it will apply the change to your chart.

Step 4: Select the Chart Style

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