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The Ultimate Guide To Excel Charts and Graphs

The Ultimate Guide To Excel Charts and Graphs

Creating Chart or Graphs in Excel is one of the key topics many of our students want to learn how to do. Being able to create insightful visuals based on your business data is an essential skillset for many Excel users. We decided to put together a complete set of tutorials from excerpts of our Excel Charts, Formatting and Reporting class and offer it to you at no charge.

Once, you learn the basics about creating charts in Excel, you will be able to use your spreadsheet data to visually communicate business trends and information to your team and to clients. When presented effectively, charts can be an extremely powerful tool when analyzing your business data.

The guide is set up so you can learn how to create, edit and publish charts in step-by-step format. Students can go through the lessons in order, or hop to a topic that you want to focus on. There are practice files mentioned in most of the training videos that can be downloaded here.

This is a core skill in Excel, and once you learn it, you will be glad you did. So, let’s get started…

Topic #1

How to Make a Chart in Excel