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Microsoft Windows XP Course

Microsoft Windows XP Self Paced Training Course

Course Description: This is a comprehensive self-paced course that covers introductory, intermediate and advanced topics for Windows XP.

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Microsoft Windows XP Self-Paced Course Syllabus

Course Outline

The Fundamentals

A Look at Windows XP and What's New
Starting and Logging On to Windows
Understanding the Windows XP Screen
A Look at the New Windows XP Interface
Using the Mouse: Pointing, Clicking, and Double-clicking
Using the Mouse: Dragging and Dropping
Using the Mouse: Right-clicking
Using the Keyboard
Exiting Windows and Turning off Your Computer

Working with a Window

Starting a Program
Understanding the Parts of a Window
Minimizing, Maximizing, and Restoring a Window
Closing a Window
Moving a Window
Sizing a Window
Switching Between Windows
Tiling and Cascading Windows

Working with a Windows Program

How to Use Menus
How to Use Toolbars
Filling Out a Dialog Box
Entering Text in the WordPad Program
Editing Text
Saving and Opening a File
Selecting, Replacing, and Deleting Text
Using Undo
Printing a File
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text
Changing the Font Type and Size
Using Bold, Italics, and Underline
Changing Paragraph Alignment
Getting Help by Contents
Getting Help with the Help Index and Search
Saving and Opening Files in Different Locations

Working with Files and Folders

Understanding Storage Devices, Folders, and Files
Using My Computer to See What's in Your Computer
Opening a Folder
Creating and Renaming a Folder
Copying, Moving, and Deleting a Folder
Opening, Renaming, and Deleting a File
Copying and Moving a File
Restoring a Deleted File and Emptying the Recycle Bin
A Closer Look at Files and Folders
Changing How Information is Displayed
Selecting Multiple Files and Folders
Finding a File Using the Search Companion
Managing the Search Companion
Using the Folders Pane (Windows Explorer)
File Management Using the Folders Pane
Using MS-DOS

Customizing the Taskbar and Desktop

Using the Windows Classic Start Menu
Using the Windows Classic Desktop
Moving, Resizing, and Hiding the Taskbar
Customizing the Start Menu
Working with the Quick Launch Toolbar
Opening Recently Used Documents
Using the Run Command to Start a Program
Adding Shortcuts to the Desktop
Starting a Program Automatically when Windows Starts

Customizing Windows

A Look at the Control Panel
Changing the Date and Time
Adjusting your Computer's Volume
Changing Windows Colors and Appearance
Adding Wallpaper to the Desktop
Adjusting the Screen Resolution
Adjusting the Screen Color Depth
Using a Screen Saver
Changing System and Program Sounds
Adjusting the Mouse
Customizing How Folders Look and Work
Customizing Folder View Options

The Free Programs

Sound Recorder
Creating Pictures with Paint
Play Games
Character Map
Play a CD and Copy from it with Windows Media Player
Using the Media Guide in Windows Media Player
Using the Media Library in Windows Media Player
ListeUsing the Media Library in Windows Media Playern to Internet Radio Stations
Copy Music to a CD or Portable Device
Give your Windows Media Player a New Skin
Windows Movie Maker Requirements
Recording a Video with Windows Movie Maker
Saving a Project as a Movie

Optimizing and Maintaining your Computer

Formatting a Floppy Disk
Copying a Floppy Disk
Repairing Disk Errors
Defragmenting Your Hard Disk
Freeing Up Space on your Hard Disk
Scheduling Tasks
Installing New Software
Removing Software
Adding and Removing Windows Components
Installing a Printer
Changing Printer Settings and the Default Printer
Shutting Down a Frozen Program
Installing New Hardware
Using the Windows Internet Update Feature
Restoring Your Computer
Using the Device Manager

Exploring the Internet

Introduction to the Internet
Connecting to the Internet
Displaying a Specific Web Page
Browse the Web
Search the Web
Adding a Web Page to Favorites and Changing your Home Page
Displaying a History of Visited Web Pages
Saving Pictures and Files to Disk (Downloading)
Introduction to E-mail
Composing and Sending E-mail
Adding a Name to the Address Book
Receiving E-mail
Replying to a Message
Forwarding and Deleting a Message

Networking with Windows XP

Introduction to Networks
Browsing the Network
Mapping a Network Drive
Connecting to a Network Printer
Creating a New User
Logging Off Windows
Logging On To Windows
Changing Your Password
Sharing Your Files and Printer on the Network
Changing Access Permissions to a Shared Folder
Specifying Security Options to a Shared Folder

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