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Gmail Course

Gmail Self Paced Training Course

Course Description: Learn all about how to use Gmail. This Gmail Self-Paced online class covers the basic, intermediate and advanced features of Google's email application.

Price: 6-month User License: $99.00
Price: 12-month User License: $129.00

6-Month License $99

12-Month License $129

Gmail Self-Paced Course Syllabus

Viewing Your Email

1.1 Navigate Your Inbox
- The Inbox
- The Compose button
- Left Pane Links
- The Search Field
- The Toolbar
- Right Side Panel

1.2 Read Email
- Read an Email
- Open an Email in a Separate Window
- Toggle Read Status

1.3 Change Your Inbox Type
- Change to Important First View
- Change to Unread First View
- Change to Starred First View
- Change to Priority Inbox View

1.4 Print an Email
- Print an Email

1.5 View Email Categories
- Inbox Categories
- View an inbox Category
- Enable or Disable Tabs

1.6 Change Your Inbox Theme
- Change the Inbox Theme
- Create a Custom Theme

1.7 Get Help
- Search for Help

Compose and Send Email

2.1 Compose an Email
- Compose an Email

2.2 Reply to and Forward Email
- Reply to Email
- Forward an Email

2.3 Format Email Text
- Display Formatting Options
- Format Message Text
- Clear Text Formatting

2.4 Add Attachments
- Attach a File
- Attach a File from Google Drive

2.5 View and Save Attachments
- Save an Attachment

2.6 Insert Pictures into Emails
- Insert a Photo

2.7 Insert Links into Emails
- Insert a Link

2.8 Check Spelling
- View Spelling Errors
- Fix Spelling Errors
- Check Spelling

2.9 Schedule an Email
- Schedule an Email
- Cancel a Scheduled Email

2.10 View Drafts and Sent Items
- Save an Email as a Draft
- View Email Drafts
- Edit and Send Email Drafts
- View Sent Emails

2.11 Send and Receive Confidential Email
- Send a Confidential Emai
- Read a Confidential Emaill
Organize Your Inbox

3.1 Create and Apply Labels
- Create a Label
- Apply a Label to an Email

3.2 View and Manage Labels
- View Labeled Email
- Show or Hide Labels
- Change a Label Color
- Manage Labels

3.3 Search for Emails
- Search a Search
- Refine a Search

3.4 Filter Emails
- Create a Filter
- Create a Filter Using Example Email
- Manage Filters

3.5 Flag Important Emails
- Star an Email
- Star Multiple Emails
- Toggle Importance Marker
- View Starred Emails
- View Important Emails

3.6 Archive and Delete Emails
- Archive an Email
- Delete an Email
- View the Trash
- Restore a Deleted Email
- Empty the Trash

3.7 Mute Email
- Mute an Email Conversation
- View a Muted Conversation
- Unmute an Email Conversation

3.8 Snooze Email
- Snooze an Email
- View Snoozed Email
- Unsnooze an Email
- Customize
Email Settings

4.1 Change Gmail Settings
- View and Modify Settings
- Settings Categories
- Return to the Inbox

4.2 Enable Desktop Notifications
- Enable Desktop Notifications
- View a Gmail Notification

4.3 Add a Signature
- Create a Signature

4.4 Add a Vacation Response

4.5 Add Other Email Accounts to Gmail
- Link Another Email Account
- Send Email from Another Address
- Change Linked Account Settings

4.6 Enable Keyboard Shortcuts
- Enable Keyboard Shortcuts
- Use Keyboard Shortcuts
- View Keyboard Shortcut Help

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