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Microsoft Outlook 2003 Course

Microsoft Outlook 2003 Self Paced Training Course

Course Description: This is a comprehensive self-paced course that covers introductory, intermediate and advanced topics for Outlook 2003.

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Microsoft Outlook 2003 Self-Paced Course Syllabus

The Fundamentals

What's New in Outlook 2003?
Starting Outlook
Understanding the Outlook Screen
Using the Navigation Pane
Using Menus
Using Toolbars
Filling Out Dialog Boxes
Keystroke and Right Mouse Button Shortcuts
Composing and Sending E-mail
Receiving E-mail
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text
Creating an Appointment
Viewing the Calendar
Editing and Rescheduling Appointments
Using the Contact List
Viewing, Editing, and Deleting Contacts
Using the Task List
Using Notes
Working with Outlook Today
Getting Help
Changing the Office Assistant and Using the "What's This" Button
Printing an Item
Exiting Microsoft Outlook

Using E-mail

Composing and Sending E-mail
Specifying Message Options
Receiving and Sorting Messages
Replying to a Message
Forwarding a Message
Checking Your Spelling
Inserting a Hyperlink
Attaching a File to a Message
Opening an Attachment
Finding Messages
Deleting Messages
Exploring the Folder List
Using Outlook Web Access

Using the Address Book

Introduction to the Address Book
Adding New Entries
Searching the Address Book and Editing Entries
Creating a Distribution List
Deleting Contacts and Distribution Lists

Using the Contacts List

Adding a Contact
Editing and Deleting Contacts
Adding an E-mail Sender to the Contacts List
Mapping a Contact’s Address on the Internet
Changing Views
Using the Actions Menu
Printing the Contact List

Using the Calendar

Scheduling an Appointment
Viewing the Calendar
Editing and Rescheduling Appointments
Scheduling an Event
Setting Reminders
Copying Appointments
Configuring Calendar Options
Working with Recurring Appointments
Printing the Calendar
Color-Coding Appointments
Changing Calendar Views
Assigning Appointments and Events
Viewing the TaskPad
Viewing Calendars Side by Side

Using the Task List

Using the Task List
Creating a Recurring and Regenerating Tasks
Changing Task Views

Using the Journal

Recording in the Journal Automatically
Viewing the Journal
Manually Creating a Journal Entry
Opening, Modifying, and Deleting a Journal Entry
Creating a Journal Entry by Dragging and Dropping
Attaching a File to a Journal Entry
Relating a Contact to a Journal Entry
Changing Journal Views

Advanced E-mail Features

Saving Unfinished Messages (Drafts)
Recalling a Message
Using the Out of Office Assistant
Using Stationary
Creating a Signature
Inserting a Signature
Dealing with Junk E-mail
Adding Names to the Blocked and Safe Senders List
Formatting Fonts
Changing the Message Format
Viewing the Mail Window
Changing Views
Changing E-mail Options
Changing Outlook's Security Settings

Organizing and Finding Information

Working with Outlook Data Files
Finding Information
Using the Advanced Find Feature
Using Folders to Organize Information
Creating a Folder
Renaming, Copying, Moving, and Deleting a Folder
Using and Creating Search Folders
Modifying and Deleting Search Folders
Selecting Multiple Items
Flagging Items
Dealing with Junk E-Mail
Adding Names to the Junk Mail Sender’s List
Using Categories
Creating a Rule by Example
Creating a Rule with the Rule Wizard
Managing Rules
Using Grouped Views
Filtering Information
Color Coding E-mail Messages
Sorting Information
Adding Fields to a View
Creating a Custom View
Closing an Outlook Data File

Collaborating with Other Users

Planning a Meeting
Responding to a Meeting Request
Checking Responses to a Meeting Request
Creating and Working with Group Schedules
Setting the Free/Busy Options and Publishing Your Calendar on the Internet
Sharing Your Calendar and Other Folders
Opening a Shared Calendar
Giving Delegate Permissions
Opening Shared Folders Automatically
Taking a Vote
Responding to and Tracking Votes
Assigning a Task to Another User
Sending a Status Report
Working with Public Folders
Adding a New Item to a Public Folder
Replying to Items in a Public Discussion Folder

Advanced Topics

Customizing Outlook’s Toolbar
Using the Tools Together
Sending Faxes
Manually Archiving Information
Retrieving Archived Items
Using AutoArchive
Importing Information
Exporting Information
Starting Outlook Automatically when Windows Starts
Accessing Your Outlook E-mail on a Free E-mail Service

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