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Microsoft Windows 8 Course

Microsoft Windows 8 Self Paced Training Course

Course Description: The Windows 8 self-paced training course give the student a comprensive review of the standard operations and new features of the Windows 8 operating system. This is a great course for students who are new Windows users, or have upgraded from previous versions of Windows.

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Price: 12-month User License: $129.00

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Microsoft Windows 8 Self-Paced Course Syllabus

Windows 8 Fundamentals

  • Starting Windows
  • Overview of the Start Screen and Desktop
  • Working with Start Screen Tiles
  • Using the Charms Menu
  • Using a Touch Screen
  • Working with Notifications
  • Connecting to a Wireless Network
  • Using Help
  • Turning Off Your Computer
Working with Apps
  • Introduction to Windows 8 Apps
  • Installing an App
  • Viewing and Switching Between Apps
  • Updating an App
  • Uninstalling an App
  • Viewing Multiple Apps
  • Accessing App Settings
  • Closing an App
Working with the Desktop
  • Opening a Desktop Program
  • Understanding a Program Window
  • Understanding Command Controls
  • Moving and Resizing a Window
  • Switching Between Windows
  • Pinning Programs to the Taskbar
  • Moving and Resizing the Taskbar
  • Working with Desktop Icons and Shortcuts
  • Optimizing Windows for the Desktop
Personalizing Windows
  • Working with Tile Groups
  • Changing Backgrounds, Colors, and Themes
  • Working with User Accounts
  • Personalizing the Lock Screen
  • Using the Control Panel
Working with Folders and Files
  • Navigating with File Explorer
  • Opening Drives, Folders, and Files
  • Organizing Folders and Files
  • Working with Libraries
  • Finding Files
  • Changing File Explorer Views
  • Working with Compressed Folders
  • Deleting and Restoring Files and Folders
Maintaining Your Computer
  • Working with Windows Updates
  • Using the Task Manager
  • Improving Battery Life
  • Backing Up Data
  • Troubleshooting
  • Making Windows Secure

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- Meredith T(Jersey City, NJ)

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