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Adobe Animate Core Skills: Level 1 Course

Adobe Animate Core Skills: Level 1 Training Course

Course Description:  The Adobe Acrobat DC Advanced course is designed for experienced Acrobat users looking to take their Acrobat skills to the next level. Students will learn to create documents for commercial printing, convert technical documents to PDF, create interactive PDF forms, enhance PDFs and view content over a variety of platforms.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Create and manage PDF documents
  • Customize the Acrobat Pro DC workspace
  • Create PDFs from technical documents.
  • Enhance PDF documents
  • Create interactive PDF forms.
  • Finalize PDF files for commercial printing.
ID: 851 Title: Adobe Animate CC Core Skills: Level 1   The Adobe Animate CC Core Skills: Level 1 course is designed for new Animate users looking to build foundational skills in Animate. Students will learn to maneuver in the Animate workspace, use tools and panels, customize and save workspaces, and work author and output various file types. More specifically, students will be able to use the Library panel and Timeline, edit properties, modify animated content, preview movies, set properties for the stage, create shapes and text for animation, symbols and instances, and how to animate color, effects, filters, position, size and transparency.

The course will cover the following topics:
  • Navigate the Animate CC Environment
  • Creating Graphics and Text
  • Creating and Editing Symbols.
  • Animating Symbols
  • Classic Tweening.
  • Publishing

Training Dates
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Adobe Animate Core Skills: Level 1
Locations: Available Nationwide and Online
Class Date(s): 6/22/2020 - 6/23/2020
Course Fee : $795

Adobe Animate Core Skills: Level 1
Locations: Available Nationwide and Online
Class Date(s): 7/20/2020 - 7/21/2020
Course Fee : $795

Adobe Animate Core Skills: Level 1
Locations: Available Nationwide and Online
Class Date(s): 8/24/2020 - 8/25/2020
Course Fee : $795

Course Syllabus

The Animate Envionment
Starting Adobe Animate CC and Opening a File
Understanding Document Types
Getting to Know the Workspace
Working with the Library Panel
Understanding the Timeline
Organizing Layers in a Timeline
Using the Properties Panel
Using the Tools Panel
Undoing Steps in Animate
Previewing Your Movie
Modifying the Content and Stage
Saving Your Movie.

Creating Graphics and Text
Getting Started
Understanding Strokes and Fills
Creating Shapes
Making Selections
Editing Shapes
Using Gradient and Bitmap Fills
Using Variable-Width Strokes
Using Swatches and Tagged Swatches
Creating Curves
Using Transparency to Create Depth
Being Expressive with the Paint Brush
Creating and Editing Text
Aligning and Distributing Objects
Converting and Exporting Art

Creating and Editing Symbols
Getting Started
Importing Adobe Illustrator Files
About Symbols
Creating Symbols
Importing Adobe Photoshop Files
Editing and Managing Symbols
Changing the Size and Position of Instances
Changing the Color Effect of an Instance
Understanding Display Options
Applying Filters for Special Effects
Positioning Objects in 3D Space

Animating Symbols
Getting Started
About Animation
Understanding the Project File
Animating Position
Changing the Pacing and Timing
Animating Transparency
Animating Filters
Animating Transformations
Changing the Path of the Motion
Swapping Tween Targets
Creating Nested Animations
Frame-by-Frame Animation
Animating 3D Motion
Exporting Your Final Movie

Classic Tweening
Getting Started
Using Classic Tweens
Motion Guides for Classic Tweens
Copying and Pasting Tweens
Classic Tween Eases
Graphic Symbols

Understanding Publishing
Publishing for HTML5
Publishing a Desktop Application

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