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Allen S. Blackhall - Pay It Forward Scholarship Application

Instructions: Please provide your contact information, along with the emails addresses of your three references. You will each be emailed instructions on how to submit your essays to be considered for the award. At least one of your references must be from an employee of your school.

Scholarship Application Form

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Scholarship Detail

Allen Scott Blackhall - Pay It Forward Scholarship
Application Period (2018):

Award Amount:
There will be two award winners from each application period. Each award winner will receive $500.
Students with the following qualifications are eligable for the award:
  • Any High school or College Student
  • Resides in the State of Illinois, Michigan or Wisconsin
  • Maintains a GPA of 2.75 or higher
Applicants who make positive contributions to society by:
  • Demonstrating helpfulness and compassion to those in their community.
  • Using their talents to bring positivity to those around them.
  • Leading and Inspiring others to help make their community a better place.
Applications and all essays must be submitted by 10/31/2018 to be eligable for the 2018 award. The 2019 application period will begin on 1/1/2019