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Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Course

Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Self Paced Training Course

Course Description: Learn the skills to get started with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. Develop professionall quality presentations in no time. This course covers basic, intermediate and advanced topics.

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Self-Paced Course Syllabus

The Fundamentals

Starting PowerPoint 2007
What's New in PowerPoint 2007
Understanding the PowerPoint 2007 Program Screen
Understanding the Ribbon
Using the Microsoft Office Button and Quick Access Toolbar
Using Keyboard Commands
Using Contextual Menus and the Mini Toolbar
Using Help
Exiting PowerPoint 2007

Presentation Basics

Creating a New Presentation
Inserting and Deleting a Slide and Selecting a Layout
Opening a Presentation
Navigating a Presentation
Using Undo, Redo and Repeat
Saving a Presentation
Previewing and Printing a Presentation
Closing a Presentation

Inserting and Editing Text

Inserting Text
Editing Text
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text
Using the Office Clipboard
Moving and Copying Text with the Mouse
Checking Your Spelling
Finding and Replacing Text
Inserting Symbols and Special Characters

Formatting Text

Changing Font Type
Changing Font Size
Changing Font Color
Changing Font Style
Using the Font Dialog Box
Using the Format Painter
Using WordArt

Viewing a Presentation

Changing Views
Using the Zoom Controls
Using the Outline Pane
Working with the Presentation Window
Working with Multiple Presentations

Formatting a Presentation

Using Document Themes
Changing the Background of a Slide
Rearranging Slides
Adding Headers and Footers
Using the Slide Master
Working with Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Changing Paragraph Alignment and Line Spacing
Working with Tabs and Indents
Changing Page Setup

Working with Objects

Inserting Clip Art
Inserting Pictures and Graphics Files
Formatting Pictures and Graphics
Inserting Shapes
Formatting Shapes
Resize, Move, Copy and Delete Objects
Positioning Objects
Applying Special Effects to Objects
Grouping Objects
Aligning and Distributing Objects
Flipping and Rotating Objects
Layering Objects

Working with Tables

Creating a Table
Working with a Table
Adjusting Column Width and Row Height
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Merging and Splitting Cells
Working with Borders and Shading
Applying a Table Style

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"The Instructor made class truly interesting and put everything into real world terms."
- Meredith T(Jersey City, NJ)

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