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PenTest+ Certification Training Courses

PenTest+ Certification Training Courses

A CompTIA PenTest+ certification is a intermedaiate level Cyber Security certification that focuses on testing for and identifying Network voulnerabilties. Skills learned: plan and scope tests, identify and analyze network voulnerabilties, perform active and passive reconnaissance, penetrate networks, report and analyze test results.

Business Computer Skills provides PenTest+ Certification training classes at over 300 locations nationwide. Our PenTest+ training courses cover all topics needed to prepare for the PenTest+ Certification exam (PT0-001).

Course Information:

  • Courses are taught by Certified Trainers
  • Course delivered at over 300 local training centers, by a virtual live instructor, using the RCI format
  • Courses are completed in 5 days
  • Training manual and practice files provided
  • Lowest Course Cancellation Rate in the Industry

Training Dates
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PenTest+ Course List

PenTest+ Courses

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