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While a large number of people today use Active Directory products in some capacity, and are familiar with its general usage, many of them just scratch the surface of knowing what this diverse suite of software and services can do, and how it can help them do their jobs more efficiently.

Business Computer Skills offers Active Directory Training in a variety of formats to help users build their Active Directory skills:

What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is group of several services that works on Windows server to manage access and permissions for networked resources.

Business Computer Skills offers Active Directory training classes nationwide and online.

Below are links to our available Active Directory Training courses, Active Directory Tutorials, and other great resources to help you learn all the available topics for Active Directory.

Free Active Directory Tutorials and Resources

As a service to our customers, we are actively developing a library of free Active Directory tutorials for you to use. We know that sometimes you may not need an entire course to learn what you need in Active Directory, so we wanted to provide some good resources that can help you accomplish some common tasks in Active Directory.

Below are some links to free Active Directory tutorials from Business Computer Skills and other sources:

  • No Tutorials are currently available.

Active Directory Certifications

Getting a Certifcation in Active Directory will demonstrate a proficiency in using Active Directory. These certifications can be beneficial to your career and can be obtained by getting the appropriate training and passing a certification exam from Active Directory.

  • No Certifications are currently available.

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