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ACUCW2 - Administering Cisco Unified Communications Workspace Part 2: Advanced v11.5 Course

ACUCW2 - Administering Cisco Unified Communications Workspace Part 2: Advanced v11.5 Training Course

Course Description:

The ACUCW2 - Administering Cisco Unified Communications Workspace Part 2: Advanced v11.5 course is a 5-day course that focuses on dial plan, call control, and advanced system features in an environment that is similar to what you will see in your own system, including:

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) v11.5
  • Cisco Unified IM&P v11.5
  • Client devices such as Jabber

This exclusive, hands-on course builds on the foundation provided by ACUCW1 and focuses on advanced administration of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) v11.5. In this course, students will learn to build the UC infrastructure, including deploying a variable-length on-net dial plan that supports multiple sites.

After learning how to configure the system, students will learn how native presence and instant messaging and presence can enhance collaboration. Students will deploy a client services framework client, Jabber, and explore the challenges that are presented by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Students will explore bandwidth management and call admission control tools used to manage calling in a network with multiple sites. Students will learn about mobility features, including device mobility, extension mobility, and unified mobility (single number reach), that are used in networks with multiple sites. You will configure hunt lists, call park options, and configure IP phone services.

This course includes 30 Cisco e-lab credits.

Why Take ACUCW2 from Business Computer Skills?
We have the only courses specifically designed for administrators of Cisco UC products:

  • ACUCW1: Entry-level administrators
  • ACUCW2: Second-level/advanced administrators

Global Knowledge is the only training partner offering a real-world lab topology that is specifically designed for the needs of North American students. Our UC courses provide a simulated PSTN, enabling you to gain an understanding of the NANP and its concepts that are associated with a variable-length on-net dial plan supporting multiple sites with overlapping extensions.

In this class, you will build a complete dial plan, including Class of Service and test calling to 3-digit, 7-digit, 10-digit, 11-digit, and international route patterns. You will investigate uncommon issues with overlapping 7- and 10-digit locations and work with a real dial plan that includes:

  • 911
  • 3-digit service codes: 411, 511, etc.
  • 7-digit local numbers: 555-1901
  • 10-digit local numbers: 416-777-1901
  • 11-digit long distance numbers: 1-733-802-1901
  • International numbers: 011441902

Our next-generation Cisco UC platform combines the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) with a VMware DRS cluster, distributing the load for individual classrooms across 16 UCS B-Series blades provisioned with 1.6 TB of RAM. Students will access and control theirenvironment using the vSphere client in the same way they would in a production environment. Taking advantage of the improved performance of the UCS environment, we can deploy additional capabilities while improving classroom performance. Our new UC on UCS lab environment provides enhanced and exclusive labs that you won't find with any other training provider.

Topics covered in the course include:

Cisco On-Demand Training

"The Instructor made class truly interesting and put everything into real world terms."
- Meredith T(Jersey City, NJ)

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