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El Paso SharePoint Course

El Paso SharePoint Training

We hold our SharePoint instructor-led training seminars for the El Paso area at the following location:
El Paso Training Center
2300 George Dieter Drive

El Paso, TX 79936
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SharePoint Instructor Led Classes Our instructor led training is a cost effective and convenient learning platform for busy professionals. Train with our Certified Instructors at one of 250 locations nationwide.

The classes are taught by live professionally certified instructors, and are usually limited to less than 12 students. Each student receives a training manual and practice problems, along with a free course retake. Click here to learn more about Instructor Led Training

Below is a list of upcoming SharePoint Instructor Led Class Dates:

Course Name Class Date(s) Location Price Registration
12/5/2014- 12/5/2014El Paso$495.00Class Registration
12/8/2014- 12/12/2014El Paso$2595.00Class Registration
12/8/2014- 12/9/2014El Paso$995.00Class Registration
12/8/2014- 12/8/2014El Paso$495.00Class Registration
12/9/2014- 12/11/2014El Paso$1795.00Class Registration
12/9/2014- 12/12/2014El Paso$2395.00Class Registration
12/10/2014- 12/11/2014El Paso$995.00Class Registration
12/15/2014- 12/19/2014El Paso$2995.00Class Registration
12/15/2014- 12/19/2014El Paso$2795.00Class Registration
12/15/2014- 12/15/2014El Paso$495.00Class Registration
12/16/2014- 12/19/2014El Paso$2395.00Class Registration
1/5/2015- 1/9/2015El Paso$2595.00Class Registration
1/5/2015- 1/6/2015El Paso$995.00Class Registration
1/5/2015- 1/6/2015El Paso$995.00Class Registration
1/5/2015- 1/8/2015El Paso$2395.00Class Registration
1/7/2015- 1/8/2015El Paso$995.00Class Registration
1/9/2015- 1/9/2015El Paso$495.00Class Registration
1/12/2015- 1/16/2015El Paso$2995.00Class Registration
1/12/2015- 1/16/2015El Paso$2595.00Class Registration
1/12/2015- 1/16/2015El Paso$2795.00Class Registration
El Paso, Texas Computer Training Locations - We hold our local training seminars in El Paso area at the following location:
El Paso Training Center
2300 George Dieter Drive
El Paso, TX 79936
This location also serves the following areas around El Paso, Texas: San Elizario